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The Dog Training Tulsa Program; initiated in the spirit of making a Joint Forces professional trainer available to as many people and their dogs as possible. We have expanded our service area to Tulsa & surrounding cities. You can now work with the top trainers here at Joint Forces K9 without having locations near you. We offer pickup and drop off service to make it easy and convenient for our neighbors in Tulsa to work with us.

We are planning to start doing evaluations, pickups & drop-offs every Monday to start.  Give us a call so we can put you on the calendar for an in-home evaluation and pickup. Welcome to the club!

You can find all the different types of board and train that we provide below.

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Dog Obedience Training Classes

We offer basic canine obedience & behavior for puppies and adult dogs. Basic sit or stay commands as well as heel and other core training that help to shape your dog into a well-mannered pet. This training would be beginner-friendly; every dog should go through it before advancing.

Our advanced training level obedience goes all the way up to competition level. This training is very precise obedience with a flashy heel, quick and crisp movements which go beyond your basic sit and stay commands.

This kind of training can truly build a special bond between you and your pet as long as you stay consistent with this training and working skills after they return home.

Personal Protection Dog Training Classes

Protector & family member these are the words we use to describe our protection dogs. A dog to have fun with and be part of your family but will be ready to stand in front of you and protect you with their life.  Joint Forces can work with your family’s dog to train them to be a less than lethal weapon that protects your family.

Service Dog Training Class

Having a dog trained as a service animal for you or your loved one can be invaluable. The benefit of a service dog for someone that is disabled is a more independent lifestyle. Joint Forces K9 has some of the best trainers available to help your dog to become the very best of service animals. Evaluation is necessary before the training process starts, but we are confident that if your dog is ready for the challenge, we can help them reach their full potential.

$50 Credited In-Home Training Evaluation 

WE COME TO YOU to perform your home training evaluation to discuss what training plans will fit your dog best!

Our Programs for Tulsa are limited to Board and Train Options. We do offer pickup and drop off your dog for FREE when you signup the same day as your evaluation.

$50 evaluation fee; credited towards the training program you selected for your dog.

Tip: Make sure that your dog’s shots are all up to date before scheduling an evaluation so that we will be able to pick up your dog on the same day.

Not every dog is going to be able to perform things that you would like them to do. Joint Forces K9 can help you find everything from a brand new puppy that you can shape and mold into what you are wanting or a fully trained dog.

If you have further questions, contact us today!

Pnone: (479) 802-0775,

Email:  Info@JointForcesK9.com

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