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Dog Obedience Training

Our obedience board and train program is the most effective training option for kickstarting your dog’s obedience training, improving confidence, and developing a stronger owner-dog relationship through mutual understanding and clear expectations.

By the end of our program, your dog can be on/off-leash trained (2 week program on leash 4 week program off leash), comfortable in new environments, and responsive to owner directions. Our goal is to make you and your dog’s lives easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

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Beyond Standard Obedience Training
Specialized Dog Training Services

Having a dog trained as a service animal for you or your loved one can be invaluable. The benefit of a service dog for someone that is disabled is a more independent lifestyle. Joint Forces K9 has some of the best trainers available to help your dog to become the very best of service animals. Evaluation is necessary before the training process starts, but we are confident that if your dog is ready for the challenge, we can help them reach their full potential.

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Our approach to treating dog behavior problems is a balanced one. We look at the entire relationship between the dog and its environment to get to the root of the problem behavior. We find out the source of the problem behavior, what is causing it, and engineer a training program to address the behavior of the dog and owner together.

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A personal protection dog is not a dog that is trained to run and attack anyone and everyone – it is a dog that is trained to guard and defend you, your family, and home. We train dogs both for protection work and competitive protection sports.

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Scent detection dogs are some of the most sought-after dogs in our country. We teach all kinds of scent detection work: narcotics, explosives, bed bugs, electronics, mold, currency, nuts (for those with a nut allergy), guns and ammunition, deer sheds, and much more.

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FREE Evaluation!

Do you have a dog that you want to do any of these tasks? Bring your dog down for a free evaluation and we can discuss what training plans will fit for both you and your dog!

Not every dog is going to be able to perform things that you would like them to do. Joint Forces K9 can help you find everything from a brand new puppy that you can shape and mold into what you are wanting, or a fully trained dog.

For training questions, pricing or setting up a free evaluation please contact us either by phone (479) 802-0775, Email Info@JointForcesK9.com or come by and vist us in Siloam Springs in Northwest Arkansas

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