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 Dog Training Course Levels 

Level 1: Schooling will include; introduction to positive and negative markers. Sit and down commands, building distance, and duration in sit and down positions, attention-getters/walking with a loose leash.

To move up to level 2: Dog must be able to go into the sit and down positions with minimal help. The dog must show the ability to walk with the handler without causing tension on the leash.

Level 2: Sit and down positions with more duration, distance, and with added distractions. Begin recalls, having the dog sit in front of/near owner. Begin sit from a down.

To move up to level 3: Dog must be able to remain in sit and down positions with the owner at the end of a 6-foot leash with added distractions. The dog must be able to perform a recall with the owner a minimum of 6 feet away ending with a ‘sit’. Dog must be able to go into a sit from a down.

Level 3: Longer duration, more distance, and more distractions for sit and down positions. Longer distance recalls with sits. Begin heeling with pace changes, left turns, right turns, about turns, and halts. Add distractions during healing.

To move up to level 4: Dog must be able to heel with a loose leash with added distractions and demonstrate a left turn, right turn, about turn, halt, and pace changes. Dog must be able to perform a recall from 20 feet away with a sit. Dog must be able to remain in sit and down positions while the handler is 20 feet away.

Level 4: Begin sit in motion and down in motion. Begin heeling with leash dragging. Add more distractions. Faster pace changes, quick halts, and run-out about turns. Add distractions on recalls.

Class Pricing

$250 for 4 sessions of class (45 min class). The benefit of doing group class with us is that you DO NOT have to use your classes in sequential order! We understand that you have things planned on some weekends and cannot make it out every Saturday. We will keep track of when you come to class and what level you are in so you can come in as needed. The purchase of 1 month of the group class is good for 60 Days from the date of purchase.

*Dogs must go through an evaluation before entering into group class to make sure they are not showing any signs of aggression and to be placed in the right level.

**Please note that we require at least 24-hour notice for cancellations of appointments without incurring a charge. All deposits and payments for training are non-refundable

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