Narcotics Detection Dog Services

Joint Forces K9 Group offers proactive narcotics detection services to improve the safety and security of vulnerable locations such as event venues, offices, schools, and even homes.

Our scent detection dogs and handlers are trained to provide improved safety and security to clients spanning a wide array of commercial, municipal, and residential markets. The dogs can detect the pure odor of a wide variety of narcotics and stimulants without being misdirected by other scents.

Getting Started

First, we need to be granted express written permission by the owner or legal representative of a location before we can perform a sweep of the premises. The property must then be vacated by everyone – including pets – except our team and the owner or representative.

The Detection Process

Our team will not enter unless the legal representative is present. They must remain present throughout the process. The handler and scent detection dog will sweep one room at a time. If narcotics are detected, the representative will be informed and the area marked.

We find the odor only. It is the responsibility of the owner or legal representative to locate and dispose of the drugs in any area we mark. Our team will not find and remove the drugs for you!

Promote safety, offer improved security, and manage your liability and risk

We don’t just service homes. Event venues, office buildings, and other business facilities all benefit from the added security our detection services provide to both their customers and employees. Our drug detection services help schools and government agencies enforce their guidelines on contraband.

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