Dick Staal Workshop

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Date(s) - October 21, 2024 - October 23, 2024
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

This will be held at Joint Forces K9 in Siloam Springs, AROct 21, 21, 23 2024 0830-1630 daily and will be based on the following topics. Tickets are Non-Refundable and priced as follows;

$550.00 Working Slot Limited to (9 slots)

$400.00 Audit Slot


Tracking:General Information: Testing the suitability of the dog, socialization, and handling unwanted behaviorTeaching Object Indication: Learning to indicate an object within a few daysBasics of Tracking: Learning the fundamentals of tracking in a few weeksTransition Training: Training transitions from grass to other surfacesTraining on Hard Surfaces: Development of training for tracking on paved surfacesAdvanced Hard Surface Tracking: Building up to the highest level of hard surface trackingCommunication and Corrections: During tracking training

Detection:General Information: Testing the suitability of the dog, socialization, and handling unwanted behaviorEfficient Detection Training: The most efficient and fastest methods to teach detection workClicker Training: Utilizing clicker training in detection workHandling Training Issues: Dealing with problems like errors, scratching, and biting during trainingSmall and Large Object Search: Training dogs to search for small and large objects with human scent for sport and practical applicationsSpecialized Detection: Training dogs to detect blood and semenWater Search Training: Building up training for searching drown victims on waterTraining with Cones: For rescue dogs and detection work

Bite Work:Developing Bite Drives: Developing biting instincts in puppies at an early stageTraining Progression: From sleeve training to full suit training with a decoyBalance in Training: Maintaining a balance between control of the dog and bite workBenefits of Food and Clicker Training: Combining food and clicker training with bite workStrengthening the Dog: Enhancing the dog’s strength during bite trainingPractical Bite Work Training: Developing a comprehensive training program for practical bite work