K9 Detection Summit 5-Day (Pat Nolan, Cameron Ford, Simon Prins)

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Date(s) - November 7, 2022 - November 11, 2022
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Joint Forces K9 Group

This will be a 5 day Detection Workshop with 3 of the absolute best in the industry.  Dates, Pricing, Outline, and tickets can be found below.  We will be limiting working spots to 12 for each Instructor and will have a total of 25 audit spots.  The first 2 days will be classroom and the next 3 days will be working with multiple stations with each trainer.

Dates 11/7/22 thru 11/11/22 0900-1700hrs


Working Spot (Only 12 per Trainer)

Audit Spot



Pat Nolan 

Outline coming soon


Cameron Ford

Developing Detection Skills
Search Development
Play Development
Clarity of Communication
Target Odor understanding and proofing
Handler Skills
Reading the dog
Search Strategies
Proofing the dog to the Handler
Simon Prins

Simon Prins is known for introducing operant conditioning to the Police K9 training world. For the last 25 years, he’s skillfully trained and purposed dogs for special operation missions and has mastered the art of using robotics and sensors with dogs to perform such tasks successfully. He’s titled and trained countless dogs and trainers from special units across the globe and firmly believes that science can significantly improve our work with animals. Simon Prins is a/n speaker, author, innovator, animal trainer, and behaviorist, and is currently working with the Netherlands Police Agency.

Simon’s interest in canine work peaked when he was on a hunting trip with dogs in 1989. He was impressed with their abilities and started looking into opportunities to work with dogs. Not soon after, he joined the police force and became one of the youngest patrol dog handlers.

In 1996, he was asked to set up a special K9 project incorporating the use of radio-guided camera dogs. In the years that followed, he implemented programs such as hard surface tracking, laser-guided attack dogs, various levels of detection, to name a few.

In 2002, Simon created Urban Search and Rescue Unit, selecting and training 16 dogs and handlers to work alongside him in search and rescue operations. In 2006, he started to incorporate the use of electronics with dogs, even more, outfitting them with sensors and training them to carry small robots into operations.

In the years since Simon has written countless training protocols and has developed a number of innovative training apparatuses. He believes that following protocols, collecting data, and educating trainers has been the key to his success, as well as replacing traditional punishment training methods with operant conditioning techniques. Simon travels around the world extensively, teaching working dog trainers how to do the same.

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