Meet the Team

Manager / K9 Handler

Rob is a devoted dog lover whose passion for his four-legged companions knows no bounds. His bond with his dogs, particularly his beloved Ado, exemplifies the epitome of a well-trained, clear-headed, and obedient sport dog. With an inherent affinity for canines, Rob’s journey into the K9 world was a natural progression fueled by his genuine love for these loyal animals.

As a handler, Rob demonstrates exceptional skill and dedication, continuously seeking to enhance his knowledge and expertise. He avidly immerses himself in the world of dog training, frequently traversing the country to partake in seminars and workshops, eager to glean insights into diverse techniques and cutting-edge training methods. His commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements ensures that his dogs remain at the top of their game.

Driven by his fervor for competition, Rob finds immense fulfillment in participating in Protection Competitions alongside his canine companions. His unwavering determination and teamwork with his dogs propel them to excel in these challenging arenas, showcasing their remarkable abilities and forging unbreakable bonds.

Prior to his endeavors in the K9 world, Rob served his country with honor, dedicating four years to the Army as a Military Police officer. Building upon his military experience, he transitioned seamlessly into civilian law enforcement, where he continued to serve for an additional three years, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to upholding justice and protecting his community.

Rob’s remarkable journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication, profound love for dogs, and steadfast devotion to service. His indomitable spirit and tireless pursuit of excellence continue to inspire all those fortunate enough to witness his remarkable bond with his beloved canine companions.

Operations Manager

Bryan, a proud native of Oklahoma who has found his home in Northwest Arkansas, brings over 5 years of invaluable experience to Joint Forces K9, where he has diligently ascended to the role of Operations Manager. With a remarkable track record of over 500 trained dogs and a clientele that continues to expand at a rapid pace, Bryan’s dedication to his craft is second to none.

Whether catering to the needs of high-profile clients and their esteemed companions or addressing the fundamental requirements of young puppies, Bryan consistently exceeds expectations in training. His commitment to innovation drives him to continuously seek out and implement cutting-edge techniques, ensuring that each dog he works with reaches its fullest potential.

Bryan’s unwavering determination to succeed is evident in his tireless efforts to cultivate enduring, harmonious relationships between owners and their beloved pets. With a passion for excellence and a relentless pursuit of improvement, Bryan goes above and beyond to create happy, healthy, and long-lasting bonds between people and their furry companions.

Master Dog Trainer

Tobias got his start working with dogs when he was in middle and high school, volunteering for a no-kill animal shelter. He quickly discovered a passion for training and found a mentor to study under prior to going to college for Emergency Medical Care. Tobias worked as a paramedic for several years, but during that time, he devoted his free time to mentoring trainers and training and competed with his German Shepherd Dog, Ashe, in a variety of venues, including Rally Obedience, Agility, Dock Diving, therapy dog work, and Schutzhund. He also worked with a mentor in Idaho to work with training pet obedience and behavior.


In 2019, he decided to make a career change and attended Tarheel Canine’s School for Dog Trainers in Sanford, NC, where he spent six months in an intense program and graduated with a Master Trainer certification. While there he also trained and certified as a Narcotics Detection Team with Ashe.


After graduation, Tobias worked with a pet training company in Wisconsin where he worked both board and trains and private lessons and worked with a breeder learning how to whelp and raise puppies.


In 2021, Tobias left Wisconsin and worked at American K9 Interdiction as a K9 instructor and trainer in patrol, bite work, and tracking. This is where he discovered a true passion for teaching. Tobias then certified with K9 Molly in explosives detection.


Tobias has a passion for learning and is always looking to enhance his knowledge with continuing education. He enjoys using a variety of methods and philosophies that are adaptable to each dog and owner’s situation to achieve the best results. His goal is to make the learning process enjoyable while also breaking down advanced concepts to make everything understandable for you and your pet.


Tobias understands that your pet is part of your family and looks forward to working with you and your dog to find the best solution to your situation!”

Dog Trainer

Growing up in a household filled with the joyful chaos of four dogs, Dylan’s affinity for our furry companions was ingrained early on. As a young man, fueled by a sense of duty, I proudly served my country by joining the US Army Reserves. Alongside my military service, I discovered a passion for coaching high school lacrosse and found love in the embrace of my beautiful wife.

However, it wasn’t until I welcomed Jefe, my Belgian Malinois, into my life around 2020, that my journey into the world of dog training truly began. From that moment, dog training became my consuming passion. I embarked on a path of continuous learning, obtaining my K9 instructor certification and attending numerous seminars to deepen my understanding of this intricate field.

As my expertise grew, I found fulfillment in sharing my knowledge with others, eagerly assisting in training my neighbors’ dogs and witnessing the transformational impact it had on their lives. It became increasingly clear that my future lay in the realm of professional dog training.

That realization led me to take the next pivotal step in my career by applying at Joint Forces K9. Recognizing it as the perfect platform to channel my dedication and expertise, I eagerly embraced the opportunity to contribute to their esteemed team.

Dog Trainer

Brian is a dedicated dog trainer with a passion for understanding canine behavior and fostering positive relationships between pets and their owners. With a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, specializing in developmental psychology and behaviorism, Brian brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and practical experience to his work.

A veteran of the US Navy, Brian has honed his discipline, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills through years of service. His commitment to excellence extends to his work as a dog trainer, where he combines classical and operant conditioning techniques to achieve remarkable results.

Having faced the challenges of managing fear and aggression in his dogs, both with a bite history, Brian understands firsthand the complexities of behavior modification. Through consistent training and compassionate guidance, he has successfully rehabilitated his pets, demonstrating his expertise in canine psychology and his dedication to helping dogs and their owners overcome obstacles.

With Brian’s expertise and experience, clients can trust that their furry companions are in capable hands, receiving personalized training and support tailored to their individual needs.

Kennel Technician

Callie grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. From a young age, her deep affection for animals became evident, and she has always surrounded herself with dogs. Her passion for animals has influenced many aspects of her life.

In addition to her love for animals, Callie is a devoted mother and wife. Her journey into motherhood has brought her immense joy and fulfillment, shaping her perspective on life and influencing her decisions. Alongside her family life, Callie remains committed to her interests in animal welfare, ensuring that her passion continues to positively impact those around her.